Formally founded in Haiti on February 6, 2014 by Frantz OSIRUS, the Fondation Chrysoprase International (FCI) is an entity of the Orchestre Chrysoprase of Haiti, an evangelical music group.

In 2008, the orchestra released its first successful album titled “Aprann lonje menw” (learn to support the weak) and the founding president of the orchestra was able to find the motivation and inspiration necessary to initiate , with musicians from the orchestra and other members of his family, a series of charitable activities following the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. Following these activities which were received favorably by the community; there was a need to impose a real structure and the president called on other people who wanted to proceed with the creation of the Foundation. The cholera epidemic is a clear consecration of the capacity and pragmatism developed by the Foundation. During this sad time, she made great efforts, great sacrifices to assert her importance and skillfully defend her noble vision. More than one finds in it a true source of inspiration, an important reason for existence or even an institution worthy of a saving vocation.

Since its existence in Haiti, having already touched three departments (North, North ‘east and North’ west), the FCI remains faithful to its mission by ensuring to carry out a whole range of charitable activities (mobile clinic, distribution of food and health kits, distribution of hot dishes, payment of school fees, construction of houses for the poor, …) for the most vulnerable in Haitian society (prisoners, the poor, victims of natural disasters, … ).

The FCI, seeking to contribute to the eradication of poverty around the world, is directed by two competent staffs devoted to the cause of the vulnerable, one in Haiti and the other in the United States of America.

The Chrysoprase International Foundation can be summed up in the spirit of self-denial, the desire to help others, the feeling of volunteering and the hope of seeing the convincing well-being of its environment.

“Work for the well-being of everyone”.