What does my sponsorship do?

Your sponsorship of just around $1 a day ensures that the child you support will have food, water, shelter, clothing, education and health care, all within a loving and supportive environment that raises happy, healthy and productive leaders for the future.

Where does the money go?

While not every child needs exactly the same support, the money generally goes towards education, healthcare, housing, food, clothing, and special events such as birthdays.

Will this child actually receive my funds?

Yes. We have generous donors who help cover most our administrative costs, so at least 90% of your money goes to your child. If for any reason you would like to select a different child, we have hundreds of needy youths on our waitlist and we would be happy to help you choose another recipient.

Is my participation tax-deductible?

Yes! Because we are a 501(c)3 organization, you will receive a tax receipt every January.

How often will I receive updates?

Twice a year, FCI will send you electronic reports with an update and a photograph of your child (if you prefer to receive these notices by mail, please contact us). Each September, you will receive a “snail mail” newsletter with a copy of your child’s report card so that you can track his or her academic progress.

Can I write to my child? Can I send gifts?

Absolutely! Our children love getting mail! And, yes, you will receive a response (but please be patient as translation and mail delays can take up to several months).

For gifts, we recommend flat items like stickers, paper dolls, photos, etc. To send a larger gift, for fairness reasons we request something that the whole community can share (i.e. sports equipment or art supplies). Please contact us for customs and shipping information.

You can also send a message to your child by email, with the child’s name in the subject line, to: admin@fondationchrysopraseinter.org

What are my payment options?

FCI can set up monthly, biannual, quarterly or annual payments by mail, phone or online.

What if I am no longer able to afford sponsorship?

We understand that finances change. However, your child is counting on your sponsorship. Our only request is that you please let us know your situation as soon as possible, and we will seek a new sponsor for your child, no questions asked.

Can I visit my child?

FCI organizes short-term service trips to Cap-Haïtien, Plaine du Nord, Acu-du-Nord, Milou, Limonade, Trou-du-Nord, Fort-Liberté, Mirebalais, Gonaïves, Léogâne. During these trips, we love to introduce children to their sponsors! For more information about our mission trips, email admin@fondationchrysopraseinter.org

How long do children stay with FCI?

We are committed to caring and providing for children’s needs through their completion of secondary and/or vocational school. Our goal is for every child to leave school with the tools he or she needs to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Once your child graduates, we are happy to help you select a new recipient.