Our Team

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Haiti Committee

Our Objectives


Work for real change at the level of society through civic, Christian education and social reintegration activities.

Assist the most vulnerable, especially the elderly, families and children in need.

Develop viable and vital leadership in the health field in order to reduce the health risks to which the population is exposed. (Mobile Clinic, Ambulance Service and others)

Provide the population with a community pharmacy that can help people on a small budget to stock up on drugs when they are in great need.

Reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency in Haiti by offering young people the opportunity to showcase their talent. (Professional scholarship, schooling, etc.)

Train children to become agents of change, responsible citizens. Instill in them notions of intrinsic values, good virtues. (Training club)

Assist the population in major events, in strong and perilous moments (Earthquake, cyclones, epidemic, famine, back to school, etc.)

Create an emergency and assistance fund in order to face the great challenges.